2017 CFRA Player of the Year Award

For the sixth consecutive season, the College Football Researchers Association has crowned a Player of the Year, and this season Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield takes the title.  The Sooner quarterback garnered six of the nine first place votes and won by a decisive 17 points.  In four of the past five seasons, the CFRA Player of the Year has gone on to take the Heisman Trophy, with the one exception being Deshaun Watson last season who most likely would have won the Heisman if the poll was conducted after last year’s playoff.  The full breakdown of votes is below with the number of first-place votes each player received in parentheses:

1.  Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma (6)– 41 points

2.  Bryce Love, Stanford– 24 points

3.  Rashaad Penny, San Diego State (2)– 13 points

4.  Saquon Barkley, Penn State– 12 points

5.  Lamar Jackson, Louisville (1)– 12 points

6.  McKenzie Milton, UCF– 6 points

7.  Nick Chubb, Georgia– 4 points

7.  Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama– 4 points

7.  Kelly Bryant, Clemson– 4 points

10. Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State 3 points

11. Sam Darnold, Southern California 2 points

11. Josh Adams, Notre Dame 2 points

11. Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin 2 points

11. Daniel Carlson, Auburn 2 points

15. Anthony Miller, Memphis 1 point

15. Bradley Chubb, NC State 1 point

15. Steve Ishmael, Syracuse 1 point

15. Hunter Renfrow, Clemson 1 point


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