Final CFRA Poll for the 2020 Season

First of all, I want to thank all of the CFRA voters and followers who make this poll possible. We could not do it without your enthusiasm and support for this great game. As expected, Alabama was unanimously selected as the CFRA national champion for the 2020 season marking the 14th time they have claimed this honor and the 151st overall national champion selected by the College Football Researchers Association. Alabama is approaching uncharted territory as they now stand just four national championships behind Yale and two behind Princeton in the race for the most CFRA national championships all-time. Most college football historians have always believed that those two Ivy League powers always have the most championships because they dominated the sport in the late 1800’s when only a handful of teams across the country played competitive college football. Now, Alabama has both of these schools championship legacies in their sights. See the almanac page on this site for the full year-by-year and team-by-team national championship breakdowns. Without further ado, here is this year’s complete final poll. First-place votes are in parentheses.

1. Alabama (11)– 275 points

2.  Ohio State– 256 points

3.  Clemson– 233 points

4.  Texas A & M– 215 points

5.  Cincinnati– 205 points

6.  Oklahoma– 204 points

7.  Notre Dame– 203 points

8.  Georgia– 194 points

9.  Coastal Carolina– 170 points

10. Brigham Young– 169 points

11. Northwestern– 158 points

12. Florida– 154 points

13. Iowa State– 141 points

14. Indiana– 124 points

15. UL-Lafayette– 105 points

16. Liberty– 98 points

16. Iowa– 98 points

18. North Carolina– 93 points

19. Southern California– 67 points

20. Ball State– 64 points

21. Texas– 63 points

22. Oklahoma State– 60 points

23. San Jose State– 46 points

24. Miami (FL)– 36 points

25. Buffalo– 31 points

Others Receiving Votes: Washington 15, Kent State 12, Oregon 12, Ohio 11, Tulsa 11, Miami-OH 10, Army 9, Appalachian State 9, Ole Miss 8, Auburn 7, Nevada 3, Utah 2, Colorado 1, TCU 1, Wisconsin 1, Marshall

Dropped Out: Oregon 21, Tulsa 25

Teams Ranked Higher in CFRA than AP and Coaches Polls: Cincinnati (5), Coastal Carolina (9), Brigham Young (10), Liberty (16), Southern California (19), Ball State (20), San Jose State (23), .

Teams Ranked Lower in CFRA than AP and Coaches Polls: Notre Dame (7), Georgia (8), Northwestern (11), Iowa State (13), Indiana (14), Texas (21), Oklahoma State (22), Miami-FL (24).

Teams Ranked Exactly the Same in All 3 Major Human Polls (AP, CFRA, and Coaches): Alabama (1), Ohio State (2), Clemson (3), Texas A & M (4), Oklahoma (6), Buffalo (25).

Footnote: All three major polls (AP, CFRA, and Coaches) included the exact same 25 teams in each of their polls!


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